Brunel University
Mar 2020

Fabrication of conical forms [three listening devices] is now in process. The modular sculpture will form a permanent installation of nine pre-cast concrete forms combined to form three interrelating sculptures that invite users to listen to ambient sound within the John Crank Gardens at Brunel university. The work references pre-radar aircraft listening devices, civil engineering, and the famous locally produced HMV ‘Morning Glory’ Gramophone horn. The pre-cast concrete elements include aggregate recycled from the former John Crank Building, demolished whilst Phil Coy was in residence at Brunel University.

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conical forms formwork

Formwork for conical forms [three listening devices] arriving for casting at MASS Concrete March 2020

publication launch
12 Feb 2020

New photographic publication M25 B 93.2 released. The photographs were taken on 17th July 2019. They document land ownership parcel: 11648, a plot designated for redevelopment as part of the construction of Heathrow Airport’s third runway. This particular land ownership parcel is located between Heathrow Airport’s western perimeter, the anti-clockwise carriageway of the M25 at driver location point M25 B 93.2, and the Bath Road bridge over the Wraysbury River and M25. The site also encloses the disused Mad Bridge section of Bath Road bridging the Wraysbury River.

The M25 is one of Europe’s busiest motorways, and Heathrow ranks as the second busiest airport in the world for international passenger traffic. In 2018 the average flow of traffic at driver location point M25 B 93.2 was 219,492 vehicles per day, and a record 80.1 million passengers passed through Heathrow.

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M25 B 93.2 Phil Coy 2020

M25 B 93.2 [mad bridge] 2020

Brunel University - Campus wide
1.00 - 4.30pm - 01 Dec 2019

This Public Programme is an opportunity to experience the works currently installed on campus in a walking-tour guided by the Artist-in-Residence. Phil Coy will deliver a lecture describing his research in Lecture Theatre E of the iconic brutalist Lecture Centre, used for the infamous Luduvico therapy scene in Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange (1971). He will describe the research behind a new permanent sculptural commission, Conical forms [three listening devices], which will be installed at Brunel University in 2020. This will be followed by a conversation between the artist and Brunel's Professor in Experimental Particle Physics, Akram Khan.

Friday 29 November

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13:00: Buffet Lunch in Lecture Centre building (mezzanine level)

13.20-14:00: Phil Coy in conversation with Professor Akram Khan

14:30-15:30: Walking tour with Phil Coy, starting from outside The Lecture Centre

Sunday 1 December

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13:00: Buffet Lunch in Lecture Centre building (mezzanine level)

13:30 - 14:30: Walking tour with Phil Coy, starting outside Lecture Centre

14:40 - 15:00: Drinks reception in Lecture Centre (mezzanine level)

15:00 - 16:00: Phil Coy in conversation with Professor in Experimental Particle Physics, Akram Khan

16:00 - 16:30: Drinks reception and close (mezzanine level)

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Phil Coy Sons of Unless Children of almost

Production still: Grey goo, capturing the demolition of The John Crank Building (2019)

7 - 9pm - 10 Aug 2019

Sons of unless and children of almost - Official theatrical trailer (2014) included in screening VHS.

Viddy Horrorshow (VHS) is a regular film event at TACO!, where each screening is selected by invited contributors to form an expanding programme of moving image. VHS screenings are broad and non-hierarchical in their approach. Selected content can include any form of moving image - from music videos, trailers and artists’ films to commercials, archive footage, documentaries and occasional features. ‘Collapse’ is the first event in the series, selected by artists Mat Jenner and Frances Scott. Here, ‘Collapse’ is proposed between film genres, materials, architectures and narratives, and ultimately, as a process that might give way to space for agency, meaning and collaboration. The evening screening of artist films by George Barber, Corin Sworn and Charlotte Prodger, Nancy Holt, Ursula Mayer, Jackson Payne and Phil Coy.

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Phil Coy Sons of Unless Children of almost

Sons of unless and children of almost - Official theatrical trailer (2014). dur.2.43 mins. HD | 5:1 surround

Tintype Gallery
7 Mar - 6 Apr, 2019

Photo-collage Pattern Recognition included in group exhibition 1d for Abroad.


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detail of Pattern Recognition (2019). 3 x postcard display racks (Painted steel), 11 sets of 30 postcards.

Brunel University
6pm, Wed 20 Feb, 2019

Intervention devised in collaboration with Author Will Self accompanied his talk Off-Grid: You Don't Have to be ‘The Unabomber’ to Go Off-Grid.

Dramatic advancements in our Digital Revolution offer hope for responding to the vast global challenges we face, but this comes hand-in-hand with threats to our digital security and privacy.

The finale of our Public Lecture Series sees three experts discussing the problem of our personal data - often dubbed the 'new oil' - and how this precious resource is being mined by companies worldwide.

By way of an introduction to Brunel's new Artist-in-Residence, Phil Coy, Wednesday's event commences with Phantom Limb: an intervention devised in collaboration with Will Self. The work initiates a voluntary phone amnesty, with analogue imaging of participants and live observation of the audience's phones throughout the evening's talks - both within the auditorium and by live video link.

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Installation detail as far as i know (2019).

Hillingdon Music Festival
Fri 15th+ Sat 16th Feb, 2019

Somewhere_Somewhere_Nowhere (2006) is installed as part of the Hillingdon Music Festival. The work remakes the opening title sequence of Francois Truffaud's Farenheit 451. The Television aerials of the original have been replaced by satellite dishes which, like in the original film, are each filtered by colours from the ROYBGIV colour spectrum. Similarly, the narrated titles and Bernard Herman’s sound score has been replaced with sound generated by the computer program vOICe. The computer programme was developed to enable the blind to ‘see’ by recognizing colours and generating sounds according to images placed before the camera.

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promotional .gif Somewhere_somewhere_nowhere (2004)

Brunel University
Nov  22nd ​2018 ​–​ Dec 22nd​ 2019

First Artist-in-Residence at Brunel University. Project initiated by Author Will Self.

Series of interventions and new works devised for the Brunel University campus and the peripheries of West London.

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York Art Gallery
Sep 28th ​2018 ​–​ Jan 6th​ 2019

A landmark exhibition at York Art Gallery featuring moving image, new media and interactive artwork, Strata, Rock, Dust, Stars takes its inspiration from William Smith’s ground-breaking geological map Delineating Strata, which identified the layers of the Earth and transformed the way in which the world was understood. It will be the most ambitious and large scale media art exhibition York has ever hosted.

Co-commissioned between York Museums Trust and York Mediale, and curated by Mike Stubbs, Director of FACT, Liverpool, the exhibition features works by artists Isaac Julien, Agnes Meyer Brandis, Phil Coy, Liz Orton, David Jacques and Ryoichi Kurokawa. It examines not only geological strata, but also explores a timely and contemporary poetic layering of human curiosity, exploration and reflection on the universe.

More info >>> York Art Gallery
          >>> York Mediale press release (pdf)


Production still: Substance [a whole history of hollows and reliefs] (2018)

Tate St. Ives
Fri 21 Sep 2018

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Avoiding Green, 2017 is included in a program inspired by Tate St.Ives sea-side location and Patrick Heron's use of colour and scale.

South London Gallery
Jun 26 - Jun 30 2018

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Hemispheric film still (2017)

Royal Observatory
June 27 2018

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Hemispheric film still (2017)

The inaugral screening of 'Spectral Power', a full dome short film born out of conversations with scientists from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Alongside Royal Museums Greenwich astronomers and curators they will discuss the project across art and science. The event will include the use of the planetarium to show how our maps of the Universe can appear quite different when seen from afar as opposed to our Earthbound perspective. Various speakers will help couch the film piece in the context of finding new ways to interpret data by approaching it from different perspectives. This event is part of the Observatory's 'Universe Unseen' series of programming.

Annely Juda Fine Art, London
Mar 15 - May 2 2018

We are pleased to announce a group exhibition, Islands, curated by The Russian Club for Annely Juda Fine Art. The exhibition will be on the third floor and will run from 15th March – 2nd May 2018. In 1993 Annely Juda Fine Art organised the exhibition Partners, a selection of works by artists who, either through marriage or otherwise, were considered partners in their personal rather than professional lives. The exhibition, including paintings and sculptures by (among others): Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth;  Kenneth and Mary Martin;  Alexander Rodchenko and Varvara Stepanova, gave an insight into the possible influences these relationships had on each of the artists. In the catalogue essay Mel Gooding writes of the complexities of “…interrelations and interconnections, dependencies and independencies, trusts and betrayals…”

The exhibition Islands takes this premise as its starting-point in considering a selection of contemporary artists whose methods have become intertwined with that of their partners. Although, like the original presentation, this should not be considered a survey show, Islands would appear to suggest a possible shift in attitudes and circumstances from the artists in the earlier exhibition. Driven perhaps in-part by social, political and economic factors, the current emphasis on collaboration and obscuring of roles, even identities allows for an interesting comparison to previous generations and times.

Exhibiting Artists: Mania Akbari, Douglas White, The Golden Family, Frances Scott and Phil Coy

More info >>> Annely Juda Fine Art
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Film still AFAIK (2015 / 2018)

BEEF (Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film)
Thursday 14 December from midday to midnight 2017 | free

Phil Coy’s micro residency at BEEF culminates in a durational performance and installation. On darkness… uses collage as a technique to conflate and disturb readings of historical discourse. The work forces a marriage between artifacts linked to two of the most seminal and yet seemingly unconnected figures of 20th century avant-garde: Marcel Duchamp’s Porte-bouteilles and Jack Kerouac’s Royal typewriter. Originally used in his durational performance Langue cassée (1995), for BEEF Coy introduces a live mix of CCTV and a triangular tape delay to focus in on the minutiae of an arcane mechanical process. Evolving over the course of a day, On darkness… builds its own grammar, magnifying its language into baroque levels of information overlay.

More info >>> BEEF

Royal typewriter with blacked-out keys On darkness (2017)

2 Sep - 01 Oct 2017 Liverpool Planetarium, The World Museum, Liverpool, L3 8EN >>>> info

Substance, a whole history of hollows and reliefs explores the materials and processes that enable us to create images of the earth’s surface, and reveals the scars that the extraction of these materials leave behind. For the planetarium version Coy has used the technique of 'False Color' algorithms commonly used by astrophysicists and scientists gathering data from Earth observation satellites, to reveal geological features outside of the visible light spectrum. Playing into the long association between the genres of science fiction and psychedelic music, the work includes a new atonal sound mix, with commentary by Erica Yang and Nick Waltham; experts in the field of Supercomputing and CCD imaging sensors. Both of these technologies are integral parts of the process of satellite and digital imaging, and have profound affects on how we view and interpret the world.

This psychedelic version of the VR film installation on show at FACT’s, The New Observatory exhibition, cuts in additional material from ancient copper mines in Anglesey, West Cork and the UK’s largest Super Computer at RAL Space.

Supported by Leverhulme Trust, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL Space) and by using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


More info >>> FACT

Hemispheric Production still Substance, False Color (2017)

22 Jun - 01 Oct 2017
FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ >>> info

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) In collaboration with the Open Data Institute, the exhibition brings together an international group of artists whose work explores new and alternative modes of measuring, predicting, and sensing the world today through data, imagination and other observational methods.

Artists: Burak Arikan, Wafaa Bilal, Natasha Caruana, James Coupe, Phil Coy, Thomson & Craighead, Julie Freeman, Citizen Sense, David Gauthier, Interaction Research Studio, Rachel Jacobs, Jackie Karuti, Kei Kreutler, Libre Space Foundation, Stanza, Liz Orton, Proboscis (Giles Lane and Stefan Kueppers), Jeronimo Voss, and Yu-Chen Wang.

More info >>> FACT

Hemispheric Production still Substance, A whole history of hollows and reliefs (2017)

15 Jun 5 - 6.30pm
GoMA - Gallery of Modern Art - Glasgow  >>>> info

Screening program that includes screenings of Somewhere, somewhere, nowhere (2005) and As Far as I know (2015)

More info >>> MFS  

Film still Somewhere, somewhere, nowhere (2005)

21 Jun - 3.30pm 2017
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull >>>> info

Phil Coy and Hull University Lecturer in Environmental Marine Biology Magnus Johnson discuss their recent work and the benefits and challenges to artists and scientists working collaboratively.

3D animation developed for the film Avoiding Green (2017)

1st Apr - 28 Aug 2017
Hull Maritime Museum and Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, HU1 3RA  >>>> info

New film Avoiding Green commisioned for the exhibtion Offshore. Shown alongside selected work from the Gallery and Museum’s collection of fine art and maritime objects for what marks a major and ambitious collaboration between the two museums.

Includes works by Badgers of Bohemia, Kasia Molga, Martin Parr, Bik Van Der Pol, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Mariele Neudecker, Phil Coy, John Wedgwood-Clarke and Rob Mackay, Jonathan Baldock and Ian J Brown, author China Miévilleas well as existing works by Tacita Dean, John Smith, Adam Chodzko, Alexander Duncan, Tania Kovats, David Malone, Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Emily Richardson, Shimabuku, Zineb Sedira, Lawrence Lek.

More info >>> Invisible Dust

Film still Avoiding Green (2017)

Thursday 30 March 2017, 7pm, with: Phil Coy and Frances Scott
Whitechapel Gallery
, London  >>>> info

The potential equivalence of water to film, and the speculative areas between land and sea, are central to this series of films exploring the estuaries and lagoons of documentary fiction. Prairie lands of the sea includes London premieres of Frances Scott’s CANWEYE { } and INCIPIT, screened with Phil Coy’s Wordland and the premiere of his new work Avoiding Green. Followed by a Q&A with the artists.

CANWEYE { } and INCIPIT were both commissioned by Focal Point Gallery and supported by Arts Council England. Wordland was commissioned by City Projects, funded by Arts Council England and The Elephant Trust, and supported by East Anglian Film Archive and LUX. Avoiding Green was commissioned by Invisible Dust for Hull City of Culture.

Film still Wordland (2010)

Tuesday 13 December, 2016, 8pm With: Johannes Heldén and Stein Urheim & Mari Kvien Brunvoll
Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall Rasmus Meyers allé 5 Bergen  >>>> info

To mark the launching of The Imaginary Reader, we invite you to join us Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall. The artist, writer and musician Johannes Heldén reads from his latest book Astroecology and there will be a concert with Stein Urheim & Mari Kvien Brunvoll. Thursday, December 15 there will be a launch of the book in Oslo at the Black Box Teater. It will feature readings by the writers Kristin Berget, Victoria Kielland and Arve Kleiva.

The Imaginary Reader is both an anthology of commissioned texts by a variety of writers, artists, critics, art historians and philosophers and an exhibition in the form of a book with several artworks. The book is meant as a stimulus to thinking about the imaginary and the relationship between fiction and reality. By way of artworks, experimental texts and reflections it offers a range of angles and ideas on different aspects of the imaginary.

Publication The Imaginary Reader (2016)

Screening LUX, Waterlow Park Centre, Sun 13 Nov 2016 >>>> info

Documentation Performance as publishing (2016)

Screening Who Goes there? (2015) Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago 4-7 Nov 2016 >>>> info

Screening Who Goes there? (2015) Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh 27 May 2016 >>>> info

Film still Who goes there? (2016)

Screening Who Goes there? (2015) Alchemy Film Festival,Hawick 14-17 Apr 2016 >>>> info

Film still Who goes there? (2016)

The Living Art Museum,Reykjavik 7 Apr - 1 May 2016 >>>> info

Exhibition poster Being Boring (2016)

Swedenborg Hall,London 24 Mar 2016 >>>> info

Artist Bridget Smith awards Who Goes there? (2015) a *special mention*

Clip Who goes there? (2016)

Eastside Projects 4 Mar 2016 >>>> info

Live mixed 4-channel CCTV Darkness (2016)

Wilkinson Gallery 27 Feb - 10 Apr 2016 >>>> info

Yellowed Sun Framed tabloid newspaper and theatre spot light (1999-ongoing)

BFI London Film Festival 17 Oct 2015 >>>> see Scores

Abstract ordering structures derived from bodily functions, music and financial markets are central to this series of films, taking them as the determining force in either scoring the shape of the works themselves or exploring the way that they might shape our lives.

Scores: Off Camera Dialogue, Cally Spooner; Crippled Symmetries, Beatrice Gibson; Vivir Paravivir, Laida Lertxundi; as far as i know (devotion gradient), Phil Coy

Film still Devotion Gradient (2015)